• Are you a security professional who is responsible for physical security on the job?

  • Are you a security leader, manager or supervisor with oversight of a guard force?

  • Are you a security professional who wants to improve relationships, interactions with others, and better understand how to mitigate conflicts?

  • Do you want to learn to communicate in a way that makes everyone feel respected ?

Have you ever felt nervous that an everyday interaction might quickly escalate to a situation that could cause great harm to yourself or others?

Security professionals are under intense scrutiny as the world examines how law enforcement and those with authority choose to interact with everyday citizens. 

Everyone is examining what is behind your judgments and the choices you make. 

You, as a security professional, need adequate training to equip you with the confidence to handle difficult people with empathy and understanding, making it safer for you and those around you.

What if you could...

be more confident in your interactions with employees, customers and the public without the stress and anxiety caused by tense situations, insulting behavior and the worry you could unknowingly make things worse, despite your intentions to peacefully resolve the situation.

You, as a security professional, need to equip yourself with the skills to spot the signs of conflict, learn proper techniques to de-escalate, and be more conscious of your own reaction. You need to arm yourself with the tools to safely evaluate aggressive behavior and know how to stop it. Learning these skills is a powerful tool that will give you insights into the behaviors of others.

Conflict Resolution Skills for Security Professionals is a unique, inquiry based program specifically for security guards, security officers, and other security professionals.

Conflict Resolution Skills for Security Professionals will help you apply thoughtful analysis, build empathy and enhance your communication and awareness skills so you are more confident and better prepared to deal with tense situations.

The course structure and content of this course is tailored to the day-to-day conversations, interactions and situations that you face at work.

What's in the course?

Module 1: What is conflict resolution?

  • What are the root causes of conflict?
  • How does conflict resolution work?

  • What are the five universal truths of human interaction?

Module 2: Why do security professionals need these skills?

  • Regulating the fear response, our natural reaction to a threat.

  • Perceptions and assumptions, why they work against you.

  • Are you a warrior or a guardian?

  • What are the consequences of reactive behavior?

Module 3: Exploring conflict in the security context

  • Dealing with typical behaviors

  • Making assumptions, the root of conflicts

  • What's your conflict style?

Module 4: Avoiding and de-escalating conflict

  • Depersonalizing conflicts.
  • The role of body language.
  • Empathetic communication tactics.
  • Tone of voice and words matter.
  • Active listening skills.
  • A time and a place for silence.

Module 5: Audio and video case studies

  • Applying analysis and thinking critically.

  • Sharing your perspectives and opinion.

Module 6: Responding to a critical incident

  • Actions in case of a physical threat to your safety or the safety of those around you.
  • Responding to those with mental illness or neurological disorders.

Module 7: Summary and continued learning

  • Key points to remember.

  • Resources to keep learning and keep practicing.

By the end of this course you will:

  • Understand the reasons for and motivations behind conflicts.

  • Learn to identify behaviors that signal a situation is becoming intense.

  • Apply communication skills and techniques to calm and diffuse angry individuals.

  • Reflect on how your ability to self-regulate emotional responses determine another's actions.

  • Enhance your interpersonal communication skills and build empathy.

  • Feel more empowered and confident as you navigate your relationships and interactions with others.

Save yourself from job loss, lawsuits, and reputational damage

- and potentially millions of dollars!

Prepare yourself to handle a tense situation safely and with dignity and grace.

Get instant access now for just $97.

We want you to be 100% confident when you enroll in Conflict Resolution Skills for Security Professionals, so you’re protected with our 100% risk-free money back guarantee. There’s literally no risk involved. Buy it, try it, apply it.

Hi! I’m Meredith Moore, I’m the Founder and CEO of Greylake Training Solutions.

I started my company to help security leaders and professionals develop transformative learning programs that change the way we think about our safety in powerful new ways.

Like you, I believe that learning how to avoid and resolve conflicts is a crucial skill in the security industry and in life. When we better understand the behaviors and motivations of others, we gain the most valuable skill of all, empathy.

This assures a safer and more harmonious world for all of us.

I’ve spent ten years in the security industry and have been a learning and development professional for over 20 years. I love bringing my unique blend of experience in behavioral and cognitive science, crisis management and violence prevention to learning programs. My goal is to empower security professionals to feel more confident in their actions and decisions everyday.

I want to help you develop the critical skills so you can succeed in your life and career.

What people usually ask before signing up for Conflict Resolution Skills for Security Professionals:

  • I don’t need training on conflict resolution because I'm a friendly and agreeable person.

    We can all benefit from a deeper understanding of ourselves and one another. Security professionals, in particular, tend to be on the receiving end when it comes to frustrated, aggressive behaviors. Learning better awareness, analytical and communication skills will improve all areas of your life.

  • I already had this type of course through my HR department.

    Many organizations train employees on conflict resolution skills. However, an HR based conflict resolution training is not focused on the high stakes situations that security professionals face day- to-day. You need to learn to apply conflict resolution skills to your daily life for it to be relevant and useful.

  • I’m too busy right now.

    The course is designed to be short and succinct but pack a powerful punch. It takes about 30-40 minutes to complete, that’s it. Isn’t feeling more confident about your communication skills and protecting yourself worth 30-40 minutes of your time? Of course!

  • How long does this course take?

    The course only takes 30-40 minutes to complete. That’s it! You can always take a break and resume where you left off. You’ll be reflecting on it and thinking about it in your daily life for long afterward.

  • Is there a specific start day or time or can I enroll and take anytime?

    You can enroll and take any time, anywhere and as many times as you like!

Doing nothing is too risky.

Enroll now so you can be confident and prepared, no matter what comes your way.

Ensure your safety, uphold your dignity, protect your brand, your reputation, and promote empathetic communication skills at your organization. Get instant access now for just $97.

We want you to be 100% confident when you enroll, so you’re protected with our 100% risk-free money-back guarantee. There’s literally no risk involved. Buy it, try it, apply it.